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To complement our steel insulated and fiberglass door lines we offer an extensive range of doorlites. Also referred to as door glass or door windows.

Doorlites are defined by two parameters - sizes / shapes and styles. Sizes and shapes are defined per the door pattern in which the lites are installed, while style defined by the looks and use of it.

All doorlites are double glazed, 1" sealed unit. We only use safety - tempered - glass.

Doorlites sizes and shapes

The most common doorlites are made to match the most common door styles:


Commonly referred to as 'half lite' or 22"x36", this style is offered in most designed, patterns and uses.

Other popular styles are:






Ovals are available in two flavours - large and small:



And some of the newer styles:




Needless to to say that above shapes and sizes do not represent all the market's offerings.  New shapes are being developed, some catch up, some not.

To complement the selection above we also offer a range of sidelites' lites. For example see the pairs below:




There are no strict rules and regulations when designing a door, so no fashion police will haunt you if you mix and match different styles and patterns. 


Commodity lites

The 'Commodity' term is used for the basic glass lines, where no fancy glasswork is used. However, the basic three sizes - half, three quarters and full lites, offer a range of options and variations.


Above are half lite with grids, vented lite with screen and vented with grids and screen respectively. Same options are offered for three quarter lite, full lite and sidelites.

Common options and features

Internal Grids - are mounted in between the insulated glass unit, and are available in a variety of looks and finishes.

PVC frame - will not yellow and can be painted

Tempered Glass - standard on all our doorlites. Up to four time stronger than regular glass, and if broken will not spike, but disintegrate into small and harmless particles.

Laminated glass - supposedly unbreakable, where protection is an issue.

Polished wired glass - where the glass is reinforced with metal wire mesh.

Obscured glass - for privacy. Either sandblasted, reeded or pinhead glass.

Vent lite- an opening pane with screen, like a vertical window.

Internal mini blinds - Venetian mini blinds installed in between the panes. They can be supplied in tilt only or tilt and lift configuration.



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